The Band
Henry Haid rose to prominence portraying piano man
Billy Joel in Twyla Tharp's Tony Award-winning hit
Broadway musical "Movin' Out."
After spending years playing in piano bars near his
home in Long Island New York, as well as bands and
shows in New York City, Europe, and the Caribbean,
Henry Haid’s audition for the Broadway musical "Movin’
Out", choreographed by Twyla Tharp, came as no
surprise. Having been hand picked by Ms. Tharp to
perform the lead, his entire focus and dedication for
over two years was given to Billy Joel’s and Twyla
Tharp’s musical production of "Movin Out". His
performance as the "Piano Man" Billy Joel, at the
Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York City, produced
rave reviews… New York Theater proclaimed,
"Pianist/lead vocalist Henry Haid's electric voice
rang out passionately and impressively…"
And Patrickweb reported, "The playing and singing by
Henry Haid was outstanding..."
Shaun A. Pennington of the St. Thomas Source wrote,
"Having heard him, I have to say Haid is Billy Joel,
when Billy Joel was Billy Joel—in a musically electric
During this time Henry’s band "Only in America" which
he formed in 1992 continued to perform, receiving
their own accolades, working with some of the worlds
top artists.
The Broadway production of "Movin' Out" closed in
2005, so back in full steam are Henry Haid with his
band "Only in America"!
Henry Haid and Only in America band pride themselves
in their wide selection of corporate/wedding music
that is perfect for any occasion. Recognizing that no
one size fits all, Only In America can be tailored
when space or budget is a concern.
 You can be confident in the talent and
professionalism of these musicians and you will be
sure to find their enthusiasm absolutely contagious
making your special event a time your family and
friends will be talking about for years to come.